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About "Apps for Transport"


Apps for Transport was conceived from a passion for accuracy, excellence and a definitive desire to be able to promote compliance for the road transport and in particular the heavy haulage industry.


Peter Panizza started Apps for Transport in 2015 to promote high quality apps dedicated to the road transport industry. As the creator of Apps for Transport, Peter is truly excited about the products, and their benefits across the road transport Industry.


With over thirty years in the construction, mining and road transport industry, Peter has developed a unique set of skills and has been able to pass this knowledge on to others as a trainer assessor and now with these unique road transport apps.


Based on personal direct experience, Peter has identified and then developed solutions for the issues faced by the road transport industry. The priority is the development of a product that will assist transport operators and drivers alike to safely conduct their day-to-day operations.


Since 2015 Peter has released two of his own apps. The first being the Trip Rate Calculator and the most resent being the Load Position Calculator. Peter’s programs are all tested in real workplaces with hands-on operators.


Trip Rate Calculator

The Trip Rate Calculator is designed to give you the ability to accurately quote jobs on the run.

Trip Rate Calculator ensures that your pricing structure remains profitable. Whether you’re a single vehicle operator or control a fleet of vehicles, the Trip Rate Calculator can improve efficiencies in pricing within your business. 


Once the basic running cost information has been entered for the different types of vehicles or trailing vehicle combinations, the Trip Rate Calculator:

• Stores the information on your device;
• Allows you to select a vehicle or combination of vehicles stored enabling you to accurately estimate the rate required to charge your client; and
• Ensures the task is conducted without financial loss.


The Trip Rate Calculator can assist a company with multiple people quoting on scheduled works to all draw from the one pricing structure thus enabling a consistent and competitive pricing regime.

The Trip Rate Calculator enables you to:

• Send an email of the quoted price for a trip;
• Record the trip details, client or job name and the vehicle or combination of vehicle used for the task;
• Record the running costs per distance on the device you are using for future reference, therein enabling the consistency you demand for your business; and
• Provide an accurate, transparent and consistent pricing structure when quoting contracts in the same area for your different clients. 


The Trip Rate Calculator will assist in providing an accurate and transparent record for your company existing and future contractual requirements.


Load Position Calculator

Peter has many years’ experience as both an operator and manager of heavy haulage equipment.  This practical knowledge of how different loads behave and trailing equipment moves has led to his passion for developing a simple calculation system to ensure safe loading positions.


The Load Position Calculator does this.  It assists operators by making the necessary calculations in order to find the positioning of a load for correct axle weights and for the correct setup of the vehicle to ensure legal compliance. This app solves the problems that most low loader operators have with the correct positioning of the load and the correct configuration and setup of the low loader. This will assist any operator to manage his mass loading requirements for the governing bodies, as it becomes more and more advantageous for operators and drivers to be sure of their responsibilities to their operations. 


Peter has also developed programs for load restraint, load positioning, pay calculator and a maintenance management system for heavy vehicle accreditation.


Peter is a qualified Worksafe W.A. High Risk Trainer Assessor actively working in the transport, mining and construction industry. Peter and his wife Debbie live in Bunbury, Western Australia.